Havalo puts student safety first

Our powerful attendance system improves student safety. Know exactly when a student is, or is not, in class.

Safety and accountability are core responsibilities of any school. Whether taking attendance in the classroom or on the field, our modern approach to attendance handles any use-case with ease.

Identify problems early

Powerful attendance report builders identify truancy patterns quickly. Easily notify families of unexpected absences.

Tackle the communication problem

Allow parents and guardians to securely submit absence requests: no phone calls, no emails, and no confusing forms.

Keep faculty in the loop

Enable front-office staff to attach notes to attendance events, optionally visible to faculty. Alert teachers when a student will not be in class and why.

Substitute in a snap

Substitute teachers take attendance, too! Search, tap and submit attendance within the same familiar interface.

Why Schools Havalo Attendance

Wrangle complexity

Our solution is built to support the most complex block schedules and school calendars.

Powerful reporting tools

Leverage powerful reporting tools for data aggregation, communication and export.

Discipline Integration

Create disciplinary incidents for unexcused absences and tardies.

Works On Any Device

No apps to install. Submit attendance in the classroom or on the field from any device with a modern web browser.

Manage Accountability

Real-time attendance dashboards for student and teacher accountability.

Parent connectivity

Allow parents to submit absence requests directly to the right people without emails or phone calls.

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