Havalo tracks student progress

Academic achievement a key indicator in the success and growth of any student. We support student growth by tracking student progress and surfacing critical learning data points to parents and counselors.

Havalo Grademarks enables a school to express the progress of each student using traditional marks or narratives. Whether a school uses a strict grading rubric or a non-grade based system, Grademarks enables the capturing and sharing of this data.

Track progress & manage visibility

Vibrant dashboards identify which teachers need a little more time getting their marks submitted. Easily control student and parent visibility for any marking term.

Submit grademarks with ease

Allow educators to post grades and create per-student and per-class narratives in a snap.

Student visibility

Share grademarks and performance narratives from educators directly with students.

Get parents involved

Easily surface grademarks to parents and counselors with a single click. Help those supporting students identify performance trends, term-over-term.

Why Schools Havalo Grademarks

Go paperless

Share academic progress with parents and students for any number of marking terms with the click of a button.

Powerful reporting tools

Know who has submitted grademarks for any marking term. Identify incomplete data easily and send gentle reminders to teachers.

Data Export

Easily export grademarks data for use with external information systems.

Parent connectivity

Allow parents to view grademarks and narratives for any marking term with a single click.

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