Havalo helps schools manage course, team, and club rosters

Trust Havalo Groups to provide a safe space to share content and easily communicate with courses, clubs, sports teams or any group in your school community.

Whether used for simple updates or time-sensitive notifications, Havalo Groups is the perfect replacement for paper lists and static spreadsheets. Delegate group management to parents and students. Easily integrate with cloud-based calendars and file sharing tools.

Roster management

Build groups of students, parents, faculty and staff. Delegate group management to student or parent leaders. Tag groups with custom keywords for easy search and discovery.

Stay connected

Create & share posts and links with members of a group. Push notifications to group members when a new information is available.

Attendance integration

Easily let the attendance office know your team or group will miss school. Process full or partial-day attendance events for early dismissals, retreats, and off-campus events.

Messaging made easy

Send emails and text-messages to group rosters in seconds. Selectively send messages to group members filtered by role.

Why Schools Havalo Groups

Foster communication

Foster community engagement and help keep your constituents informed.

Delegate for success

Delegate group management and messaging to parent and student leaders.

Messaging built in

Connect with your groups through an intuitive interface that makes messaging a joy, not a burden.

Attendance Integration

Allow faculty to submit group absence requests directly to the office.

Private Groups

Build and curate private groups, only visible to the group creator.

Emergency ready

Send critical campus updates via email or text to your entire school community in minutes.

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