Havalo helps hold students accountable

Every student deserves personal attention, especially when it is needed most. Havalo supports student growth by providing tools to intervene at the right time in a child's development.

Our discipline dashboards help schools quickly identify students who are at risk or in need of a special nudge to get back on track. Reporting tools help hold students accountable by surfacing disciplinary events to parents.

Incident management made simple

Easily stay on top of disciplinary events and monitor student progress toward success.

Drive accountability

Know what happened, who was involved, who reported it and capture notes related to any disciplinary event.

Details matter

Store secure & immutable records of disciplinary event data to keep staff in the loop and support informed decision making.

Know your school

Keep tabs on disciplinary trends through powerful reporting tools. Examine data per student or report on your entire campus.

Why Schools Havalo Discipline

Messaging built in

Easily keep parents, counselors and advisors informed of student concerns as they develop.

Powerful reporting tools

Leverage powerful reporting tools for data aggregation, communication and export.

Attendance Integration

Create disciplinary incidents for unexcused absences and tardies.

Flexible Consequence Support

Manage consequences for disciplinary events dynamically, with easy manipulation, resolution and extension.

Real-time dashboard

Real-time discipline dashboards drive student accountability. Know exactly who should be reporting to detention.

Parental involvement

Engage parents in the student growth process by surfacing student disciplinary records. Let parents know when their child needs a nudge.

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