Havalo keeps your school community connected

Staying connected is core to the success and safety of any school. Our versatile email and text-messaging tools are fully integrated into every feature.

To help you stay connected, messaging is built directly into our core platform. Quickly send emails with attachments to thousands of users. Blast text-messages in an emergency. Rich logging dashboards gives administrators unparalleled visibility into messaging activity.

Email with attachments made easy

Easily send emails to entire classes, parent groups or sports teams. Attach files up to 4GB in size to any outgoing email message.

When email isn't fast enough

Send text-messages to any group in seconds. Blast weather updates or critical notifications directly to faculty, students and parents.

Sender delegation

Easily manage authorized senders, allowing specific users to send messages on behalf of campus leadership or administrators.

Accountability through logging

Never again deal with uncertainty in email. Know when an email has been delivered, bounced or opened. Message logs track all outgoing messages.

Why Schools Havalo Messaging

Easy to use

Intuitive tools link students, advisors, teachers and parents without the need to lookup individual email addresses.

Powerful logging tools

Message logs allow administrators to track delivery status and monitor all messages.


Send emails or text-messages to thousands of users in minutes.

Works On Any Device

Send emails or text-messages from the classroom or on the field from any device with a modern web browser.

Unlimited file attachments

Attach an unlimited numbers of files, each up to 4GB in size, to any outgoing email message with confidence.

Template support

Speed up common tasks by creating message templates for quick select-and-send operations.

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