For Parents

Havalo helps parents stay in touch

Havalo believes parents are partners in the educational process. We help parents stay in the loop every step of the way.

Engage your parent community through group participation, messaging tools, and online access to grades & attendance data. A single login gives parents the tools they need to help support student success: attendance, grademarks, discipline and groups.

One login

No bouncing from system to system depending on what you need. Everything is found in one place for quick access.

Easy communication

Notify your school that one or more of your students will be absent. Submit absence requests directly to the right people: no phone calls, no emails and no confusing forms.

Stay looped

Know what is happening after school. Communicate with teachers, coaches, advisors, counselors, or moderators with just a few clicks.

Why Parents Havalo

Stay in the loop

Know where your student is with instant visibility into student attendance, discipline records and grademarks.

Be in Touch

Submit absence requests directly. No emails or phone calls. Easily know about student participation in class or groups.

One Login to Rule Them all

A single login gives you access to everything you need for each of your students: attendance, discipline, grades, groups and more.

Works On Any Device

No apps to install. Access Havalo on any device with a modern web browser.

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