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Havalo is software-as-a-service like you've never seen

Havalo is software-as-a-service that complements existing processes with integrated features that do not exist in other information systems. Hosted in the cloud, there's nothing to install, setup or manage on campus.

Using our robust API, impower your school to build the most demanding applications on our platform. Build custom applications or fully automate data imports. With single-sign-on integrations, we fit seamlessly into your existing environment.

Simple data imports

Import data from your existing student information system using the simple and standard CSV file format.

Know what's happening

Email and text-message logs makes it easy to monitor messaging activity. Delivery and bounce status is available at your fingertips.

Take control

Toggle any feature on & off with a single click. Customize Havalo to the needs of your campus.

Tools by your side

Build and ship custom on-campus applications using our API. Extract data, generate reports, automate nightly imports and more.

Why IT Directors Havalo

Built for the Cloud

Nothing to install, setup or manage on-campus or on-device. Havalo is hosted securely in the cloud using dedicated computing resources.

Works on any device

Built for the web, our responsive web application works on any device with a web browser.

Your Data is Your Data

We never hold your data hostage. We do not share your data with other schools or third-parties. Ever.

Powerful APIs

Reliable, secure and scalable REST APIs support your custom on-campus applications. If you can dream it you can build it.


State-of-the-art encryption protects all data in transport and at rest in the datacenter.


Bring your own user credentials or simplify the log-in experience with Finalsite SSO or Google SAML-based SSO.

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