For Educators

Havalo is designed with the educator in mind

Technology needs to be intuitive, efficient and built around the daily workflow of educators.

Our beautiful suite of tools allows educators to create groups, take attendance, and communicate with parents in just a few clicks. We give educators the tools they need to help build successful students.

Attendance and more at your finger tips

Take attendance in seconds, find class rosters in a few clicks and send emails with attachments on-the-go with just a couple of taps. Know why students are not in class and when they may be tardy.

Join the club

Create and manage groups of users and delegate the leadership of any groups to students and parents. Create and share group posts and links with ease.

Connect with parents and counselors

Quickly find parent/guardian or advisor information for any student. Engage with parents or counselors in just a few clicks.

More than email

Sometime email just isn't fast enough. Send text-messages to parents, clubs, teams or classes in seconds.

Why Educators Havalo


Quickly lookup student data, demographics, schedules and rosters.

Works On Any Device

No apps to install. Access Havalo on any device with a modern web browser.


Manage lists of students, parents and staff for communication and attendance purposes.

Messaging Made Easy

Send emails or text messages to entire classes, teams or clubs in seconds. Attach files up to 4GB in size to any email.

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