For Administrators

Havalo can help your school succeed

Monitoring for success requires data. We empower school administrators to track student progress through our attendance, discipline, and grademark tools.

Whether following a single student or tracking an entire class, Havalo brings this data to the forefront with beautiful dashboards and powerful report builders. Our email and text-messaging tools are seamlessly integrated into every feature, connecting you with your school community.

Student safety comes first

Intuitive reporting dashboards identify truancy patterns. Always know exactly who is in class throughout the school day.

Stay connected

Full email and text-messaging support are built right into every feature. Email entire classes or text-message parents and faculty with just a few clicks.

Efficiency is key

Quickly lookup student demographics, course schedules, attendance records, discipline records and family contact information.

An adaptive interface

With full white-label support out of the box, our mobile friendly interface seamlessly adapts to your school colors.

Why Administrators Havalo

Designed for Efficiency

We make your data easily accessible to support complex data-driven decisions.

Messaging built in

Connect with your school community through a powerful and intuitive interface that makes messaging a joy, not a burden.

Private & Secure

Enjoy private, dedicated computing resources for your school and its constituents end-to-end.

Works On Any Device

No apps to install. Access Havalo on any device with a modern web browser.

Success Focused

Built to meet the requirements of complex school environments, without compromise. We were created to solve problems that other systems do not.

Manage Costs

No confusing pricing models, no unpleasant surprises. All features are yours for one flat-rate.

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